New Testament Schedule 2019-2020 Instructor: Pastor Kolb Class 5:00-6:30 PM

March 11
Lesson 32 The Emmaus Disciples and the Ascension of Our Lord
Bible Reading: Luke 24:13-53 (Memory:)
Review (Not memorize) the Table of Duties-Of Civil Govt. and of Citizens SC-30 Romans 13:1-4, Matthew 22:21, Peter 2:13-14
Quiz: 196-198
New Terms 199-202
March 18
Lesson: 1 The Ascension-The Lord gives the Apostolic Ministry to His Church
Bible Reading: Acts 1:1-26, Ephesians 2:19-22, 11-15
Memory: The Lord’s Prayer-The Introduction Our Father who art in heaven. What does this mean?
Quiz: 199-205
New Terms: 1-13 (Extra Credit Terms: 14-23)
March 25
TEST 171-205
Lesson 2: Pentecost-The Holy Spirit Is Given for the Preaching of the Gospel
Bible Reading: Acts 2:1-39
Memory: The Lord’s Prayer-The First Petition: Hallowed be Thy name. What does this mean? How is God’s name kept holy?
Quiz: TEST 171-205
New Terms 24-30
April 1
Lesson: 3 The Church Lives from the Divine Service
Bible Reading: Acts 2:36-47
Memory: The Lord’s Prayer-The Second Petition: Thy Kingdom come. What Does This Mean? How Does God’s Kingdom Come?
Quiz: 24-30
New Terms 31-38
April 8
No Class Holy Week
Please come to the Holy Week Worship

April 9 Thursday Maundy Thursday 6:30 pm
April 10 Good Friday 6:30 PM
April 11 Easter Vigil 6:30 pm
April 12 Easter Sunday 6:00 AM Children Program Easter Divine Service 9:00 AM Sunday School 10:30 AM Egg Hunt 11:30 AM
April 15
Lesson: 4 & 5 Apostolic Authority: The Word Jesus Bible Reading Acts 3:1-26 / Peter and John are Arrested and Persecuted for Preaching the Gospel
Bible Reading Acts 4:1-37
Memory: The Lord’s Prayer-The Third Petition: What Does this mean? How is Gods will done?
Quiz: 31-38
New Terms 39-47
April 22
Lesson 6 & 7 Ananias and Sapphira Lie to the Holy Spirit Acts 5:1-16 / The Apostles Are Imprisoned by the Sanhedrin Acts 5:17-42
Memory: The Lord’s Prayer-The Fourth Petition: Give us this day our daily bread. What Does This Mean?
Quiz 44-47
New Terms 48-52
April 29
Lesson 8-9 The Apostles Ordain 7 Men to The Holy Ministry Acts 6:1-10 / Stephen is Martyred for Preaching the Gospel from the Old Testament Acts 6:8-15, 7:1-60
Memory: The Lord’s Prayer-The Fifth Petition And Forgive us…What does This mean?
Quiz 48-52
New Terms 53-64
May 6
Lesson 10 & 11 The Persecution Led By Saul and the Ministry of Philip Acts 8:1-40 / 11 The Conversion of St. Paul Acts 9:1-31 (32-43) Memory The Lord’s Prayer-The Sixth Petition And lead us not into temptation. What does This mean?
Quiz 53-64
New Terms 65-75
May 13
Lesson 12-13: Peter’s Vision Announces The Gospel to the Gentiles Acts 10:1-48 / The Disciples Are First Called Christians in Antioch Acts 11:1-30; (12:1-24); 12:25-13:3
Memory: The Lord’s Prayer –The Conclusion: For Thine is the kingdom…What does This mean?
Quiz 72-75
New Terms 76-92
May 20
Last Class Final
Test – 1-92 (Extra Credit Terms are 14-23)

The Ascension of Our Lord Worship 6:30 PM
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